Deer Raiders,

Firstly, stop eating venison; it is awful.

Secondly, I’d like to present an updated TFG raid proposal, including, but not limited to, (re)defining “casual” as it pertains to The Forest Guard raiding and addressing complaints, criticisms, complaints (in case there are more than one), and comments regarding builds, squad compositions, strategies, bath-water temperature, etc.

We should consider ourselves hardcore raiders in two aspects only: ten people show up Sunday, and we are on time. 

Beyond that, kindly inform me if the following vision repulses you: we use as close to snowcrows’ gear and builds as we are comfortable (or whatever works for you); we practice, individually and/or in groups, somewhere from all the time to once a week during the Sunday run; we ask Escher if we would like assistance with the aforementioned; we have no qualms cheesing a raid to complete it, understanding that higher-level encounters necessitate a degree of lactose intolerance; we accept that in order to clear the most difficult bosses, finding a supplemental, more serious group may be in order; we remember Guild Wars 2 is just a game and supposed to be fun. 

In order to maximize positivity and a pleasant experience for all, I’d like to suggest (more like mandate) all unsolicited queries, remarks and concerns be directed, through whisper or mail, to me or, in my absence, Galenir so we can diplomatically and masterfully resolve the issue. 

Sure, Gorseval kicked us hard in the ding-ding a few times, but we’ve conquered more than a few bosses; I’m certain that our motley group can overcome this challenge and find its groove and a harmonious plane in which to operate. 




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